Andy needs a bio! He’s the newest member of our crew.


Beckie is a first-time a capella singer, but has been a music nerd for as long as she can remember. Beckie started off as an instrumentalist, specializing in flute, piccolo, and sometime percussion (if you are really desperate!) She began singing her junior year at Mount Holyoke College, and hasn’t stopped since, even getting to escape from the “real world” to serve as the Assistant Conductor of Choral Ensembles at Mount Holyoke for two years. After leaving the valley to get an MBA, she has returned and now spends her days raising money for her Alma Mater and her nights making music.


Dylan sings all the time. Really. All the time. She has hand-washing songs and putting-on-our-snow-pants songs and walking-down-the-hall-quietly songs she composes for the elementary school kids she teaches. She sang with the Victory Eights at Mount Holyoke College, has played cello for various theater groups, and once spontaneously played a piano at a bookshop in front of strangers. She is working on her Master’s in Waldorf Education.


Hannah has been singing in front of an audience since she was four years old, when her aunt Martha would parade her around to sing Annie songs in front of anyone willing (or unwilling, for that matter) to listen. Since then, she has sung in various choruses and in two previous a cappella groups, The Mills College Treblemakers and The Copley Cats (a Boston area group). Hannah has a B.A. in Dramatic Art from Mills College and an M.A.T. in Elementary Education from Clark University. When she’s not singing, or even when she is, she may be found teaching elementary school or building Lego ships with her son, Jasper.


Janra has been singing all his life, but really only got into a cappella because there wasn’t a band in high school. He’s performed with many groups through high school and college before answering a weird craigslist ad for singers in 2008. Barring a one year absence he has been with the Connotations ever since. Currently Janra is in charge of bookings and managing the group, and though he might grumble, everyone knows he secretly loves it.

Kaliis has been singing for a long time, because she has a lot of siblings and that was one of the few ways to get them to not kill each other. As such she was ruined for singing alone. At Kenyon College, she took part in most of the musical organizations on campus, including the Owl Creeks (the all-lady a capella group). Since then she’s felt that her life is too empty without being a part of some musical group. So she has joined a bunch of them as part of her ongoing and fruitless crusade against free time. She is very bad at saying no to things. When she is not making music she works for webcomics peoples, and adds to her collection of useless hobbies.


Von has been singing since before she learned to talk, often in bed when she was supposed to be sleeping. She continues to sing at every opportunity, whether or not it seems appropriate. She loves to perform at karaoke nights and very exclusive concerts in her car. She’s also a graphic designer — don’t ask her about fonts (you mean typefaces!) unless you have a lot of time on your hands.